Erection of Conventional Structure


Erection of Conventional Structure

Conventional steel structures are very common in industrial construction. Conventional steel structures are also suitable for total as well as partial site fabrication. In conventional steel structures it is possible to carry out some additions/changes in structure without stopping production. No huge investment is required for the setting up fabrication yard, because it can be easily established at or near the construction site. Generally fabrication and erection is carried out by single agency so fabrication and erections are compatible. By and large conventional steel structure designs are prepared by reputed structural consultants according to Indian code of practice so required strength, safety, stability and durability of the structure is easily achieved.

Conventional structure also shows very good performance during severe service conditions. Actual calculation of various loads results into the safe and economical design of all the elements of conventional structures and use of low tensile steel makes the fabrication simple. For designs, consultants are well versed with software such as STAADPRO for analysis and design of conventional structures. These structures have simple connections which makes steel structure design easy. Since hot rolled sections are used as primary members, distortion, sweep and buckling is less likely to occur for a well-designed structure.

We have established a state-of-the-art infrastructure enabling us in manufacturing structural buildings. Our structural buildings are especially designed to meet the clients' varying demands. These are acknowledged for their speed in delivery and erection, flexibility in expansion and withstand severest weather conditions. We offer these fabricated structural parts in large spans, multi spans that are lean to roof at all required heights.

All these services can be availed at a very competitive cost which would completely affordable and would perfectly fit into your budget constraints. A major reason for our lower rates is that we have reliable and reputed suppliers for conventional structural materials. With a unit of well trained and highly experienced professional welders and fabricators working on our projects, there is no room for mistakes with us.

Our approach of erecting robust and sturdy conventional structures with amazing resistance to loads due to seismic and windy loads which can be completed in a very short span of time has helped us in becoming successful in this industry.