G.I. Color Coated Roofing Sheet


G.I. Color Coated Roofing Sheet

These days, color coated roofing sheets are getting much popular all over. Plastic and colored rooftop always looks attractive and serves as a good alternative for the traditional rooftops. Although they might not be as strong as the traditional RCC roofs, they are not bad either especially when you consider the price of installing a plastic rooftop sheet.

The color coated plastic roofing sheets are much easy to maintain and clean than the traditional RCC roofs. At the point when legitimately dealt with, these rooftops can even keep going as longer than other conventional rooftops. Ridged plastic and colored roofing material can be utilized to make fabulous greenhouses.

Raj Roofing Company deals in GI color coated roofing sheets manufacturer as well, call us for enquiries now.

We offer our clients with GI/Colour Coated Profile 930 used mainly for Industrial Roofing, Cladding, Farm Houses, Airport Hangers Factory sheds and Warehouses. These are provided to the clients in customized specifications and sizes as per the client’s requirements. The specifications are as follows:

  • Material: Prepainted Steel / Galvanized Steel Profiled Sheets
  • Colours: As per RAL Colour Chart / Mills Std. Sheet

We Supply a wide range of GI/Colour Coated Profile 1050 made of Prepainted Steel/ Galvanized Steel Profiled Sheets. These are available in various colours as per as per RAL Colour Chart and Mills Std. Sheets. The applications are mentioned below:

  • Industrial Roofing
  • Cladding
  • Farm Houses
  • Airport Hangers
  • Factory Sheds
  • Warehouses