Turbo Air Ventilator


Turbo Air Ventilator

Role of Turbo Air Ventilator in the Buildings and Major Structures

Ventilation of the air in a home or commercial places is very important because these are the places where human spent their most of the time during a day. The proper ventilation of air inside a home is something that many people don’t take seriously.

Usually, people prefer adding a chimney vent over a stove while cooking something which has strong flavors or uses a fan in the toilet to dispose of the heat and thing that these typical ventilation techniques are working fine and keeping their room in the good comfort zone.

There is nothing bad in going for the basic ventilation, as it helps in maintaining the agreeable temperature. In homes and different structures, wind driven turbo ventilators allude to the way that air is passed, all through the building.

Proper ventilation could only be done with the help of a turbo air ventilator. The firm ventilation helps to keep the moisture inside the building area and thus maintains better organic conditions for living.

Raj Roofing Company deals in complete turbo air ventilation solutions for home and commercial places.

Applications :

  • Roof Turbine Air Ventilators for Industrial Sheds
  • Turbine Air Ventilators for Hotels
  • Rooftop Turbine Ventilators for Factories
  • Turbine Roof Ventilators for Ware Houses
  • Turbo Turbine Air Ventilators for Hospitals
  • Turbine Wind Ventilators for Paint Shops
  • Roof Turbine Wind Ventilators For Restaurants
  • Roof Top Wind Ventilators for Domestic Use
  • Turbo Wind Ventilator

Benefits :

  • Non Conventional energy Product
  • 24 hours assured ventilation
  • No Operating Cost
  • Higher depreciation rate
  • Provide sun light in day time
  • Adaptable to any roofing pattern
  • Weather proof
  • Proven technology
  • Rain water proof
  • Dust proof
  • Birds proof
  • Best after sales services at your door step
  • Provides very attractive aesthetic appearance of building
  • Zero running power cost
  • Available in anodized aluminium
  • Strong and light weight construction

Need for Ventilation :
The air, which is trapped accumulates heat, and gets contaminated with toxic fumes, particles and doors. It also gets saturated with water vapor and is depleted of oxygen causing stuffiness, thus causing deterioration in quality of materials that are manufactured and stored.

Moreover, it causes lower productivity, restlessness, and other undesired effects. Smoke and fumes from fire choke inhabitants and cause the fire to spread.

Features :

  • Light-weight
  • Strong and durable construction for resistance against extreme climatic conditions
  • Maintenance free: "fit and forget" no bearings used in the entire system, so no need to replace bearing
  • As it is non-conventional device, it qualifies for accelerated depreciation 80% as per the section 32 of Indian Income Tax Act

Specifications :